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Description: Greek Pastry Trio Includes 1 pound Of Baklava, 12 Finikia and 18 Pasta Floras
Price: $35.95 USD Available
Description: Delicious ! One of our favorites, dusted in fine ground walnut. They're not overly sweet and the hints of cinnamon, clove and orange really come through in the honey they've been soaked in. These traditional Greek holiday cookies are one of the reasons our Dad married our Mom. Thank you Yiayia!
Price: $12.95 USD Available
Description: The word pasta comes from the Greek word bundt cake..."just kidding" Pasta in Greek is synonymous to a piece of cake or tart. These little tarts are made from a special wheat that gives them their unique flavor. Butter cookie tarts with a fruit preserve center these little gems and I know this is a shocker, are dipped in honey. Our box of pasta floras come with apricot, strawberry and raspberry centers.
Price: $12.95 USD Available
Description: Baklava is a beautiful pastry with alternating light flaky layers of filo and a walnut / almond nut mixture Kissed with a lemon infused honey syrup.
Price: $15.41 USD Available